With a north facing courtyard in Windsor, between our Terrace House and Garage, we wanted to open up our entertaining space and get maximum use of the small space. The current garden had a beautiful Japanese Maple that we were keen to retain. Lachie was able to share our vision and develop a contemporary, low maintenance, functional and attractive entertaining area saving the tree and making it a central feature. As well as his understanding of "all things green" Lachie was able to provide interesting architectural ideas that made the best use of the small space and he and his team of trades people covering builders, electricians, pavers, renderers and painters were professional, clean and each delivered a standard of extremely high quality. We now have a beautiful well lit courtyard that is a pleasure to come home to.
Lee & Mark White
It's not often that you give your garden a complete landscaping makeover, so you want to get it right the first time. We were incredibly lucky to employ the services of Lachie Anderson, for many reasons. The entire process, from the first consultation to the last shrub planted has been a seamless exercise. We had a loose idea of what we wanted, but invested all of our trust in Lachie and his team to design and execute the plans. They didn't let us down. The design was aesthetically superb, both beautiful and practical. His team of landscapers were a joy to work with, punctual, respectful, extremely tidy, often very funny, and got the job done well within the estimated time frame. We believe that the value of our house soared due to the garden and this was proven at auction recently. We will definitely will be using Lachie at our new home, and would highly recommend his services to everyone.
Sincerely, Helen and Steve Dimitropoulos
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of my husband and myself for Lachie Anderson. Our most recent garden, which is garden number 3 for Lachie, was different in so many ways to the two previous gardens. The garden surrounds an old two storey house built in 1926 and consists of three quite distinct sections. When we purchased the house almost 4 years ago we knew that we would have to do major renovations and restoration work. The garden on this double block had suffered considerably throughout the drought but there were some magnificent old established trees and shrubs that we wanted to retain. There was also an old overgrown grass tennis court that we wanted to return back to garden. This garden was going to need special attention from a very sympathetic landscape designer hence our call to Lachie. I have always enjoyed working on my garden designs with Lachie and none more so than with this garden. Lachie came up to Ballarat, walked the garden, taking photos and notes as he went. We chatted about what I wanted the garden to include and Lachie went off to start some drawings. Given the size of the garden, the architectural elements needed to be strong with plants that would compliment the overall design. We divided the garden up into 'rooms' that would feature a wisteria covered arbour leading from the front door to an above ground pond. Work began on the garden construction during which time we discussed the plant list. As the construction was nearing completion we finalised the plant list. I thoroughly enjoy working with Lachie and he is an excellent sounding board for ideas. One of the things that has really impressed me is Lachie's ability to balance proportion and space within set confines, also his careful use of materials coupled with an inspired use of plantings. I now have a comprehensive list of plants that I love to use but I am not always able to balance the textures, colours and size within a garden's confines. Lachie is not afraid to tell you why something will or will not work, giving lots of possible ideas/alternatives to consider. I have learnt to trust his judgement and the end result of this garden is testament to that trust. This garden I feel reflects my personality whilst providing us with beautiful spaces to relax and enjoy. Winding river pebble paths link the 'rooms' and create a wonderful space for plantings that are highlighted by colour. For me a garden must be in complete harmony with the house. Our house is a rather elegant old building and I wanted a garden that was going to reflect this elegance; mellowing and maturing over time. Lachie has created exactly what I wanted and the enjoyment from watching this garden evolve with every new season is just wondrous.
Regards Sue Robins
Lachie designed a garden for me that was well beyond my wildest dreams and my friends and family are blown away by what he has created! His team arrived on time every morning and began work the second they arrived. Everyone took such pride in their work and the final product is absolutely perfect. On time and on budget - a rare and very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Lachie and his hard working team over and over again.
Carolyn Hindhaugh