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Landscape Design Melbourne

Melbourne  Garden Design and landscaping has become less discretionary over the last few years and more generally desirable and essential. This has spurred a sudden increase in engagement of landscape designers in Melbourne. Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a quintessential Melbourne design practice who has successfully prepared and built many idiosyncratic and unique landscape designs across inner and outer Melbourne and even beyond into the rural regions of Victoria. In looking at their portfolio of work many trademark elements become apparent. The employment of beautiful materials and the intricate use of timber decks, interesting paving surfaces along with meticulously crafted dry stone rock walls, to mention a few. Lachie Anderson Landscapes  excels in siting and strategic placement of landscape elements such as pools and decorative water features to accentuate the natural assets of the property whilst obscuring anything unsightly or needing to be diminished. In this way, their designs are distinctive from the typical garden designs in Melbourne. Regardless of the location of the site, Lachie Anderson Landscapes is practiced in addressing all the various geological, climatic, topographical or other difficult site specific conditions and is fully capable of resolving these issues into an elegant, functional Landscape Design that is unique to Melbourne.