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Sustainable cypress cladding

This shed was pretty plain to begin with so, with some help from Jayden at Larkin Building Group, we clad it with sustainably grown, specially milled, 40x40 cypress slats.

The timber is rough sawn and will be left to grey off. Everything else on the job is highly finished, so the rough sawn timber gives a good contrast to the other elements. And the sliding door...

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Camberwell Garden, 1 year on

We installed this garden in Camberwell this time last year and it has established well in 12 months.

The bay trees at the back will grow to screen the fence and the neighbour's wall. The height difference between the road and the front of the house was close to 1.5m. To overcome this we built a series of retaining walls, strategically placed to spread the level...

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Garden Design Ideas in Melbourne

Inner-city front garden, Middle Park

This small, inner-city front garden in Middle Park uses various sized Australian bluestone steppers from Bamstone. The overall style of the garden is informal, however the plantings are structured.

Mass-planted perennials provide impact and make the courtyard feel bigger than it is. This is with the exception of three Westringia 'Wynn Yabbie Gem', shaped into balls, that have been randomly placed throughout the garden to soften...

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