Melbourne Landscape & Garden Designer

Lachie Anderson Landscapes focuses on beautiful, elegant garden design for both homes and offices.

Based in Kooyong, our Melbourne landscapers provide a design and construction service that caters to all tastes and styles, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional.

As qualified landscape gardeners, our design process is based on matching the architecture of your home or office to the desired function and look of the garden. Our former clients regularly recommend our garden designers, providing a true reflection of the quality of work we carry out.

Gardens we have completed include trademark Lachie Anderson design elements, including clever use of timber decks and paving, retaining walls using dry stone rock, and the placement of pools and water features to cool hot outdoor areas.

From the sandy bayside soils of Brighton to the clay soils of Kew, Lachie Anderson's landscapers will create a garden to suit the image you want, in accordance with the soil and weather conditions in your area. If you are searching for a company that offers garden landscape design in Melbourne, make sure you contact us today.

Our dedicated team of experts understand Melbourne's unique climate, and also our clients' busy lifestyles. As qualified garden designers, we select plants with a focus on suitable leaf texture, colour and form for surviving in today's weather extremes.

With training and experience in all aspects of landscape design and construction, including paving, lighting, brickwork, feature walls, drainage, ponds and pergolas, our landscape designers can give you something that is not only beautiful, but also functional and sustainable.

Over the past few decades, Melbourne Landscape Design has gathered much momentum both in the commercial and residential spheres. Landscape Designers’ appreciation of the natural beauty of landscape coupled with the artifice of perspective, space and dimension is increasingly valued by the wider Australian public, who now realise that having a beautiful outdoor space not only complements the indoor spaces but also promotes well-being, health and a better quality of life. This trend is most particularly noticeable in Melbourne where the garden tradition and recognition of its importance has always been strong.

Since this surge of interest in Melbourne Garden Design, there have been a plethora of garden designers and garden designing services emerge. Melbourne Garden Designers typically offer a medley of services. These services are not limited to design, but also include garden maintenance, restoration and reparation of existing gardens. A team of well qualified staff service the unique demands of a variety of clients. Lachie Anderson Landscapes epitomises this type of holistic service. They offer garden design, maintenance and landscape construction in Melbourne and Victoria.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is renowned for exception quality service, great customer support and original garden solutions that are not only aesthetic but also functional and innovative, recognising that gardens are an integral part of any residence or office. In this practice, garden designing is a passion which is underpinned by a rigorous structure and process. This ensures a thoughtful well resolved site specific yet elegant solution to any garden space in Melbourne. The design process has a sequential order from consultation to concept design, design development through to construction documentation and finally the administration of the contract and actual landscape construction and realisation of the design.


This stage of the process involves meeting the client and discussing their desires and requirements. Once the client’s preferences are conveyed and an initial appraisal of the site and the scope of the project is established, a proposal is compiled and presented for the client’s consideration. Included in this is usually a specific fee to perform the design.

Concept Design

Upon the client’s acceptance of the proposal, Lachie Anderson Landscapes conducts a full site analysis and inventory to assess the assets and limitations of the site. From this emerges a comprehensive landscape design that complies with the client’s briefing. This design illustrates and incorporates features such as the configuration and function of spaces, areas of soft and hard landscaping and structures and provision of services such as lighting and irrigation. The Landscape Concept Plan is then presented to the client for review.

Design Development

After the client consultation, the initial design is amended and refined to incorporate the desired changes into a final plan. At this stage, samples and images of the proposed materials including plants and surface treatments are presented to the client for approval. Once all these issues and elements have been selected and resolved and a final design has been committed to the detailing of the construction of the job commences.

Construction Documentation

The preparation of full construction documents includes the set out of the site, a surfaces plan, a services plan, a planting plan,   all construction details and a written specification. During this phase it may also be necessary to get some input from other professional bodies including engineers, building surveyors or council representatives.